Where ideas take shape, aliens meet, and human's create the impossible!

Conquered any new realms lately?

     If not, then enter my world where keyboards, pens, and gray matter connect to explore the most thought provoking elements of the SciFi Fantasy worlds.

    While not a course to originate style or understand grammar, it is an in-depth process meant to 

stir the imagination, channel your ideas towards a purpose,  and organize your writing efforts as 

an array of tips and suggestions are cited along the way.

     Creative writing is the most fun, and it doesn't matter if you covet the hard or soft of Science Fiction, only want to embrace the aspects of pure Fantasy, or just want to write your character's into a Medieval past to fulfill a glorious quest.

     Whichever you write in, you'll glean many great tips from this writing adventure.

     So sit back, relax, and soon you'll discover, there really are dreams still to written.

                                                                             147 pgs 

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