Play in the Past

                                                    Just for the Fun of it! 

                                            The Medieval Master Book of Order

                           A manual to form any Historical or Medieval Playgroup

        Inside my tome is the comprehensive knowledge, historical facts, period graphics, extensive glossaries, patterns, how-tos, and ceremonies, aided by a multitude of ideas to augment any decision you need to make as you form your playgroup.

      I’ve  also included personal  experiences from  some of the groups  I started,  served,  

and enjoyed, believing  their  insights  will evolve your group  ideals from your own rather 

than from mine.     

                                                                       362  pgs

                                                         $39.99   Sprial Bound Book  
                                                                         83 pg Black Draigs Fighting Manual  .


                                                                          US includes S/H
                                                                          International add $15.


     As one who participates in events dedicated to the past, 

I have enjoyed the Middle Ages  for quite some time.

 Yet not one reenactor I know ever made the 

conscious decision to become one.  It just happens. 

     Those who enjoy the past every weekend, readily admit the

desire to do so comes from a movie or book character that

so enthralled them, they wanted nothing less than to portray 

them and their times for real.

     When forming your group you allow others to partake of 

the same experience your own inner soul craves. 

Old friends will aid that goal, and new

 ones will enrich the historical past you recreate. 

As for myself and my captains,  we wish your realm success,

honor in guiding it,  and a growing populace to sustain it.


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