Writer's Wanted!


     Once your ideas are put into story form, you want that prose to be its very best, while also

wanting the support of other writers who share your publishing goal.

     With writing such a solitary profession, at some point every writer joins a group.

     But what if there isn't one in your area, or the one in the town over hasn't accepted any

members in months?

     What can you do?

     There are two options.

     Put your story in a drawer and forget about it, or start your own club.

     You absolutely can.

     Inside are aids to help  decide where and when to hold a meeting, types of writing clubs,

different ways to advertise, holding a contest, gathering guest speakers, ways to critique a

story, story count, along with what you need to accomplish at your first meeting, the second

and so much more.

                                                                        64 pgs

                                      $13.99   book                                $5.99 pdf download below