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What are you waiting for?

Start your writing club today with my easy to understand guide

that will have you organized and ready for your first meeting.

                                                            65 pgs




    Once your ideas are put in story form, you want that prose to be its very best, 

while also wanting the support of other writers who share your publishing goal.

    With writing such a solitary profession, at some point every writer will join a 

local group.

     But a search of your surrounding area turns up nothing, and the one in the 

next town hasn't accepted new members in months, so what now?

    You only have two options.

     Put your story in a drawer and forget about it, or start your own club.

     You absolutely can.

     My easy to understand guide will take you through when and where to what 

types of writing clubs there are, using free to paid advertising to get your club 

discovered, how to hold a contest to gain members, getting guest speakers, 

how and what to use to critique a story, and what you need to accomplish at 

your first meeting, the second and a whole lot more.


                                                                                 66 pgs